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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
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gordon street garage
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Foolscap Studio has turned a 533 square metre auto electrics garage in Perth’s CBD into a chic Italian restaurant, providing new style and energy to an industrial area in West Perth.

Formerly a mechanics shop, the Gordon Street Garage restaurant is located in a mixed-use industrial area of West Perth which is characterized by an eclectic combination of semi-industrial, residential and commercial uses.

gordon street garage

Mediterranean blues and whites were selected and a collection of hand painted tiles clads the zinc top bars.

The designers were tasked with creating different dining areas; including a quick-serve seating area in the front with stools and small tables, a communal dining table and a standing coffee area.

While the centre features a bar area with taller seating, the main area is dedicated to leisurely dining with soft banquette seating, and more family style dining under the mezzanine, where patrons can rest on sofas and use coffee tables.

gordon street garage

The main area is dedicated to leisurely dining with soft banquette seating

The roof at the back of the garage was removed and a large steel-framed glazed wall leads to an outdoor garden, adding plenty of natural light to the interior space.

The colours and materials selected include Mediterranean blues and whites, while a collection of hand painted tiles clads the zinc top bars.

There is a large pizza oven stack made of grey and white glazed bricks and a fireplace on the original mezzanine level to warm the restaurant in cold weather.

gordon street garage

Upstairs on the mezzanine is a cosy “lounge room” to relax after dinner by the fire.

Recycled materials referencing the building’s former use have also been used, including a peg board that creates an intimate dining area over the banquette seating and industrial lighting which formerly illuminated an army barracks used to illuminate the bar.

Original elements from the existing building have been retained, including the concrete floors, original workbenches and the large blue and white signage, which now clads the upstairs office. Existing jarrah floorboards have been restored to create skirting and cladding on the walls.

gordon street garage

The front of the restaurant features stools and small tables, a communal dining table and a standing-room coffee area

Foolscap Studio also custom designed the lighting and furniture and, working in collaboration with Justin Lamont of Life Space Journey, they created the black wax steel wall lights and overhead lights that hang over the venue’s custom designed recycled bus seats and custom tables.

The project is flexible and creates different atmospheres.

“Intimate dining appeases couples wanting a night out, whilst communal tables accommodate large groups and a shared dining experience,” the architects said. “Upstairs on the mezzanine is a cosy ‘lounge room’ to relax after dinner by the fire. The space emulates a warmth and feeling of community and family in which anyone can be a part of.”

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  1. Amanda Todaro

    Striking space and love that they’ve respected the original use of the building. The mixed decor trends and industrial-inspired furniture keep the interiors relaxed, inviting yet interesting. Thanks for covering this.