Colours which make people feel ‘grounded’ and secure will be one of four key trends throughout the home which will emerge in 2020, a leading paint manufacturer says.

Releasing its Colour Forecast for 2020, paint maker Dulux says trends in colours and styles will be evident in four key areas.

The first is ‘grounded’ colours, which can resemble elements such as the earth and sky and evoke a natural sense of safety.

Styles in this area will involve a relatively simple palette of natural colours which evoke feelings of warmth, Dulux says.

It says these styles adopt a ‘less is more’ approach and facilitate a straightforward and uncompromising lifestyle.

“Do you dream of living a simple, uncomplicated life?,” Dulux asks. 

“Adopting a less-is-more approach, grounded inspires us to move towards an existence filled with conscious, smart living choices, without compromising on the beauty, warmth and texture that remains essential to creating our happy place.”

“Abandon the clutter to opt for mindful choices that hero comfort, longevity and craftsmanship.”

In its report, Dulux says this type of arrangement involves many natural materials which evoke emotion through their raw texture and beauty.

Whilst this type of arrangement typically involves many neutral colours, Dulux says this does not necessarily mean that styles need to be boring.

Neutral schemes, for example, can be broken up with accent colours in rugs, cushions and artworks.

Hand crafted pieces which have particular meaning to homeowners can be used to foster personality, as can newfound, beautiful objects.

Natural materials come into play, evoking emotion through the raw beauty of texture and tactility.

A Grounded palette of neutrals sees elements of white through to caramel unite with muted lavender, Dulux says.

A muted blush tint and terracotta accent can add warmth and variety, it adds.

Punctuate your neutral schemes with an accent colour that features in your decor, Dulux advises

Beyond that, Dulux says numerous other colour styles will also be popular.

The ‘comeback’ style blends eclectic style with vintage charm to create a rich and layered aesthetic that feels highly expressive without compromising upon familiarity.

In many cases, this can involve borrowing from the past and evoking a sense of ‘retro’ from the design classics of the 1920-1950s such as the Bauhaus, and Arts and Crafts movements.

Dulux says the outcome can be a blend of personality, heritage and sense of home.

A key trend in this area are total shades of blue, which Dulux says create a peaceful and calm space.

Tonal blues, it says, draw inspiration from the early twentieth century, with warm hues of burgundy, rust and mustard to accentuate that elegant vintage style.

Living with tonal shades of blue can create a peaceful and calm space, Dulux says. Image: Dulux

Next there is the ‘cultivate’ trend.

According to Dulux, this trend sees home as ‘no longer a place to rest and recover”, but “somewhere to rejuvenate and inspire”.

Under this trend, Dulux talks of seeking out innovative ways to bring elements of the natural world into our interiors to encourage personal growth.

The cultivate palette is a calm and gentle layering of greens that reinforces our connection to nature, Dulux says

These are interspersed with uplifting pops of chalky blue, deep plum and yellow curd to provide some contrast.

Cultivate connects us to nature through colour and pattern, while reminding us to appreciate the simple things – beautiful botanicals, fresh air and natural light, Dulux says. Image: Dulux

Finally, there is the ‘cacoon’ trend. This, Dulux says, speaks to our collective desired to ‘disconnect’ from the mounting challenges of everyday life and provides a romantic type of antidote to otherwise busy and high-stress living.

Under this form of colour scheme, home-owners attempt to cacoon themselves in comfort with rich layers of luxurious fabric and decadently rounded forms.

Hard surfaces can be softened with an abundance of fringing, chenille and velvet.

Colours in this scheme involve a rich and soothing palette of melon, salmon, brown, red and cosmetic tints.

This, Dulux says, involves the perfect combination to create an immersive and opulent interior.

 Indulge speaks to our collective desire to disconnect from the mounting challenges of the everyday , Dulux says. Image: Dulux