Victorian companies will have the chance to obtain a free lighting energy audit if they apply for the state government's Smarter Resources Smarter Business (SRSB) funding program.

Victorian lighting company CherryLED is offering to audit the lighting energy costs of small businesses in Melbourne who apply for a grant from state government’s key sustainability initiative, with a waiver of all fees in the event that funding isn’t approved.

The “No Win, No Fee Grant” offer is being made available to small to medium-sized businesses located in the greater Melbourne area with between 20 and 200 employees, who lodge a grant application for the final round of the  Smarter Resources Smarter Business (SRSB) Energy and Material Program by the middle of April 2014.

Under the offer, CherryLED in partnership with Enhar will provide an extensive raft of consulting and auditing services as part of the SRSB application process. This will include a free initial consultation, a site visit within the greater Melbourne area, and the provision of an analysis of savings and a business case for the grant application.

CherryLED will engage in discussions with Sustainability Victoria about applications prior to their submission, in order to maximise the likelihood of approval. A verification audit will also be provided six months following installation in order to provide the confirmation of energy savings which is needed to obtain the final grant.

Lighting energy audits will be performed in accordance with Australian Standard – 3598:2000, which is generally prescribed for funding or incentive schemes launched by the government.

Ben Wright of CherryLED said that the offer provides a unique opportunity for companies to achieve savings of up to 35 per cent on their lighting energy expenses, at a time when businesses in Australia are facing considerable cost pressures.

“This offer…will deliver real benefits to any business that is seriously looking to reduce its overhead costs,” Wright said.

The Victorian government plans to invest $14 million over a five-year period under its Smarter Resources, Smarter Business program in order to promote efficiency and sustainability within the state’s industries.