Gehry Partners and Foster & Partners have unveiled the design for a new pedestrian-focussed retail high street beside Battersea Power Station in London.

The two firms were jointly commissioned for the project after winning an international design competition last year to design Phase Three of the redevelopment of the iconic Battersea Power Station. The winning design will be realised as a neighbourhood known as The Electric Boulevard and will act as a gateway for the entire development.

The new urban project will include over 1,300 homes in a range of sizes and styles across two zones on either side of the boulevard, a 160-room hotel and 350,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

The Skyline

Foster + Partners’ “The Skyline”

“Our goal from the start has been to create a neighbourhood that connects into the historic fabric of the city of London, but one that has its own identity and integrity. We have tried to create humanistic environments that feel good to live in and visit,” said Frank Gehry, founder of Gehry Partners.

The Electric Boulevard will be Gehry’s first permanent project in London, and he will be responsible for five apartment buildings to the east of the boulevard known as “Prospect Place.”

Gehry's Prospect Place and Flower Building

Gehry’s Prospect Place and Flower building

Prospect Place will house “double-height retail units at street level, approximately half of the planned residential unity, a community park and multi-use community hub.”

At the heart of the space will be a titanium clad building housing called the Flower with an architectural aesthetic echoing Gehry’s signature fluid architecture and rippled facades.

Robert Tincknell, chief executive of Battersea Power Station Development, feels the Flower building will be as iconic as the Opus landmark in Hong Kong, Gehry’s first residential project in Asia. The Opus is an organic shaped, column designed building with façade of the building to be composed almost entirely of glass.

Over to the west of the boulevard, Foster+ Partners will create “The Skyline,” an undulating building alongside the boulevard featuring two floors of retail units, one of London’s largest rooftop gardens, affordable housing, a hotel and a medical centre. In terms of the design, the facade will feature “breaks” that will allow light to break in and offer an indoor/outdoor connection with exterior public spaces.

Battersea Power Station Redevelopment

Battersea Power Station redevelopment

“We moved our own office to Wandsworth almost twenty five years ago – the Borough is very important to us, so we are absolutely delighted to be chosen by the shareholders of Battersea Power Station to be part of this inspiring regeneration project,” said Grant Broker, design director and senior partner at Foster + Partners. “It will transform the area and create a vibrant new district for South London that we can be proud of.”

The Battersea Power Station has been decommissioned since 1983 and following a series of unsuccessful proposals to redevelop the site, renowned architect Rafael Viñoly secured the honour.

Viñoly is behind the station’s new master plan, which will see 42 acres redeveloped and a total of 3,400 new homes built once complete.

aerial view of the battersea power station masterplan

Battersea Power Station master plan

Wilkinson Eyre is currently working on the power station renovation, while Ian Simpson and dRM have begun work on Phase One.

Phase three still requires planning approval with public consultation reported to be commencing this week.

“Battersea Power Station is an iconic site and the unveiling of this exciting new design by Frank Gehry and Foster + Partners will ensure the development of this former industrial site will put Battersea on the world stage once again,” said UK Culture Minister Ed Vaizy.