One of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy machinery construction equipment says it has built the world’s tallest conventional crawler crane, which reaches to a height of almost 250 meters.

German-based Liebherr Group says that, mounted on a two-metre solid crawler chassis, the combination of a 120-metre main mast and a 126-metre luffing jib mean its LR 13000 reached an overall height of 248 metres when it was fully erected in July.

The crawler extends 86 metres above the height of Germany’s Ulm Minister, the world’s tallest church.

What’s more, Liebherr reckons its latest machine is not lacking in grunt, claiming it could lift a load carrying no less than 624 tonnes in a single hoist, the equivalent of around 600 small cars.

In order to break the world record during its erection last month, a company spokesman told KHL’s International Cranes magazine the machine was fitted with 400 tonnes of slewing platform ballast and 1,500 tonnes of derrick ballast on a special foundation.

To assemble the crawler in this configuration, the spokesman says, the main boom was slowly raised with the assistance of the derrick winch. During this time the luffing jib was angled down and the roller cart was released; the hook block was then reeved in on a two-line basis. Once these stages were completed, the boom system, weighing a total of 700 tonnes, was raised into position.

Once in position, the crane lifted a twin-axle LTM 1030-2.1 mobile crane weighing 24 tonnes.