Victoria will be totally reliant on renewable energy by 2030 under a $9 billion plan released by the Greens, if the party wields any power after the state election.

The minor party announced on Monday it wants to upgrade Victoria’s entire power network and spend $9 billion over the next decade building renewable energy infrastructure.

“By fixing the grid and building large-scale publicly-owned renewables, Victoria can source all its power from cheap, limitless, clean energy,” Greens MP and energy spokeswoman Ellen Sandell said on Monday.

She noted the Labor government’s good work on renewables but was critical of the extension of licences for two coal-fired plants and expanding the gas industry.

“If (Premier) Daniel Andrews is serious about protecting Victoria from bushfires and drought, he will support the Greens’ plan. This will be a top priority if we’re in balance of power after the November election,” Ms Sandell said.

By Caroline Schelle