Greens Senator Urges CSG Concerns to be Heard 1

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
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Coal Seam Gas
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Greens senator Larissa Waters has called for a coal seam gas whistleblower’s secret evidence to a parliamentary committee to be made public.

Former public servant Simone Marsh gave evidence to a Senate inquiry last year into Queensland Government Administration, but her evidence was gagged.

Fairfax Media reports Ms Marsh indicated that approvals for CSG projects in Queensland were rushed.

Senator Waters refused to say who wanted Ms Marsh’s evidence gagged, saying it would breach standing orders about committee confidentiality.

However, she said she has called for the issue to be put on the agenda again when the committee next meets and wants Ms Marsh’s evidence to be made public.

“When the inquiry was being set up I was able to successfully add CSG to the scope of the inquiry,” Ms Waters said.

“This allowed CSG approvals under the Bligh government to be scrutinised, which has allowed Simone Marsh’s important evidence to be included in the inquiry.

“It’s vital that Ms Marsh’s evidence is made public.

“The new Labor government needs to learn from the Bligh government’s mistakes in hurriedly allowing CSG approvals, as well as the Newman government’s behaviour in putting the big mining companies ahead of our land, water and climate.”

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  1. Tom Jones

    Whilst it may well be that CSG can genuinely be done in a sustainable way, this kind of thing does nothing but heighten public suspicion.

    If CSG really is sustainable, lets bring out all the facts and prove it.