A UK architect has unveiled an ambitious concept which could wheel a hotel room directly to the door of a landed private jet.

Margot Krasojevic, an architect at Decodeine, has come up with Hotel Jetway, a pop-up luxury hotel concept that can be easily attached to a private jet for short stays on the airport runway.

Hotel Jetway is completely portable, can be easily disassembled and features lightweight hydro-pneumatic suspension sections that allow it to be easily transported around different docking stations across the ground of the airport.

Krasojevic was commissioned by a private client in Qatar and is expected to be quite a costly experience. The hotel was designed to suit the spacious airport runway in Doha, Qatar offering a 24-hour retreat for private jet clients during a stop-over or short stay.

Jetway Hotel

Jetway Hotel

“It mimics the heat haze, [the] shimmering effect of high temperatures during takeoff and landing, altering our perception of the immediate environment,” Krasojevic said. “The architecture is an extension of the dynamics of it’s context, using pattern recognition, digital and radioactive technology to blur the edges between the virtual and actual.”

Hotel Jetway’s design has been likened to an alien spacecraft and features an extendable walkway with stairs covered by a cantilevered canopy that seems to consume the jet when the two are paired.

It also features three fibreglass shells and an expandable luxurious interior lined with a combination of laminated glass, solar cells and low-resolution LEDs, while the living spaces include a small lounge, bathroom and sleeping quarters.

Jetway Hotel

Jetway Hotel

The LEDs create a chameleon effect and can be programmed to create a fully immersed environment of the user’s choice to help guests feel as though they are not on an airport runway.

The use of filtered rainwater for the hotel amenities boosts the hotel’s sustainability.

While this is the first airport runway hotel concept, inside the airport itself, a portable micro-hotel called Sleepbox has been installed in the Aeroexpress terminal of Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia.

Designed by Arch Group the 13-square-foot space includes a bed with linens, desk, luggage space, Wi-Fi and electricity and can be hired by the hour to retreat from the airport crowds.