One of these six Victorian bodies responsible for infrastructure is fake. Which one?

Is it Infrastructure Victoria? Maybe Major Projects Victoria?

Could it be Projects Victoria? Perhaps it’s the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority?

What about the Major Infrastructure Authority? Or maybe the Level Crossing Removal Authority?

In a scene that could be straight out of ABC TV comedy Utopia, Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan explained the difference between the many bodies with responsibility for infrastructure in Victoria.

“The difference there is Major Projects is the delivery arm,” she said.

“Projects Victoria is about looking at project delivery across the public service.”

To break it down, Infrastructure Victoria will recommend something, MPV will deliver it, and PV will oversee it.  Unless it’s a school, hospital, court, or transport project.

Then it’s overseen within the relevant department. Or by a specific authority like Level Crossing Removal or Metro Rail.

Projects Victoria and Infrastructure Victoria are being set up, while Major Projects Victoria is facing calls to be axed.

And the Major Infrastructure Authority? That’s fake. For now.

By Angus Livingston