Exploring construction projects from around the world that failed to deliver.


  • That Pyongyang hotel looks like something straight out of Thunderbirds.

  • Andrew Heaton
    Industry Journalist
    2 years, 9 months ago

    The North Korean hotel is one example of a construction project which should never have happened. No state that has had failed even to feed its people and had to beg for food aid due to its inadequate (state controlled) food distribution system has any business spending that kind of money on luxury hotels – which in themselves would probably leave guests without power for much of the time and therefore turn into an international embarrassment because of their power system is so unreliable.

    Bottom line: every country should get their food and electricity systems working first (better yet, in North Korea’s case, they should stop repressing their people). Only then will they have any business thinking about luxury hotels without the thing turning into yet another symbol of international embarrassment and shame for a country and a political regime that has done nothing but shame itself since the country was formed after the Korean war.

  • Interesting how, in every country, jobs overshoot their budgets and by large margins. Even in Germany it is inescapable. It was different before the private banks got into the mix. The Snowy Mountains Scheme came in on time and on budget.
    Having commercial banks involved can treble the final cost.

    It's an object lesson for politicians. It hobbles any infrastructure project, and can bankrupt private projects.

  • The millenium Dome was cited as a complete waste of money by English taxpayers way before the first sod of earth was dug, and they were all 100% correct. It was a useless white elephant from the first day it's doors opened to the public and is now just a huge bottomless money pit…………

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