Infographic: Green Buildings From Around the World 2

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
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Exploring some of the World’s Greenest Buildings

World's most sustainable buildings

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  1. Tristan Senycia

    It appears that the latest trend is to compare Green Buildings across the entire world, hoping that this will spark more international competition & investment. Will be interesting to see if this breaks down important barriers to developing Green Property.

  2. Alex Bruce

    Awesome stuff, nothing better than normalising green building and creating some positive competition around the planet.

    It's great to mention and demonstrate the various features and technology that may reduce the buildings environmental footprint but it is interesting that they don't explicitly state their environmental performance. It would be fantastic to see if these features are coming together to produce a building that is actually "sustainable", in the true sense of the word, or just a building that is somewhat better than a code compliant building.