Laminex® Celebrates 80 Years of Trendsetting

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
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Not many octogenarians can claim to have been at the forefront of fashion trends their whole life. The same cannot be said for Laminex® – a name synonymous with decorative surfaces and an undisputed design leader in the building industry.

Laminex started out 80 years ago as the creator of laminated resin timing-gears for car engines, literally operating out of a ‘tin shed’ in Melbourne.

Since then, Laminex has continually evolved to offer an expansive array of decorative surface solutions across both residential and commercial applications. Today, Laminex is widely regarded as one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading manufacturers and distributors of building materials.

Laminex Australia General Manager – Marketing, George Bej, said for the past eight decades, Laminex has maintained its market and customer relevance through innovation, product development and a customer-centric strategy.

“Laminex originally created and developed in Australia by Robert M Sykes, fast became a household name and today remains one of Australia’s most highly recognised brands.”

In the 50s, 60s and 70s, Laminex led the market with stylish, attractive and resilient surfaces, developed and manufactured in Australia. At the time, the only alternatives available were products such as oil cloth, paint or vinyl, and Laminex had superior decorative qualities and performance properties to all of these.

According to George, 80 years on, Laminex continues to be recognised by its peers as the pre-eminent design leader in decorative surfaces for both the domestic and commercial markets.

“You can literally use our functional and design-leading products in any room of the house, as well as through myriad architectural projects.

“We’ve stayed at the forefront of design by investing significantly in understanding global and domestic trends in fashion, decors, finishes and material technologies, all of which, have underpinned our decades of market leadership.

“Today marks a milestone for the Laminex business model, which has survived wars, technological upheaval, economic cycles and globalisation. As we celebrate 80
years, our focus remains on providing our customers with innovative products that are useful, inspiring and forward-thinking. We’re committed to fostering business partnerships and an environment where our employees and customers are valued and empowered to achieve their goals,” George said.

Laminex’s comprehensive product portfolio includes cabinetry, splashbacks and wall panelling solutions.



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