Woods Bagot is pleased to announce two new hires in its workplace sector, further strengthening an already outstanding workplace design and architecture team.

”The appointment of Graeme Scannell and Silvia Cupik is a part of Woods Bagot’s continuing investment in workplace architecture and interiors both in Australia and globally,” says Australian Executive Chair Mark Mitcheson Low.

”Our track record in creating cutting edge workplace environments is outstanding. We have several benchmark projects completed in Australia and around the world, and have developed close working relationships with global clients from some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations.”

Graeme and Silvia each have significant experience in workplace design, and have a deep understanding of how environments influence people, with expertise in aligning design with corporate objectives to achieve behavioural change.

About Graeme Scannell

”The power of design is that it can translate and represent brands, align cultural values and influence attitudes, ultimately leading to behavioural change,” says Scannell.

”A company’s real estate portfolio is often its second largest expense after payroll, so getting these assets right is paramount for good corporate strategy.”

Graeme’s strengths in strategy, interiors, communication skills, analysis and management contribute to his exceptional track record from design through to delivery.

”When the workplace becomes a physical representation of the desired culture, and the leadership and staff actively operates within this culture, a powerful partnership is achieved in line with corporate objectives,” says Scannell.

Graeme joins Woods Bagot in Perth and has an international CV, including work with HBO+EMTB and Gensler Shanghai.

About Silvia Cupik

“Office buildings have to be functional and efficient but they need to be a place for people. A well-designed building is so much more than a place where people work, it is a space which inspires, where people meet and collaborate,” says Cupik.

Silvia is a designer working at the cutting edge of architectural projects with a high level of precision and technical knowledge. Her experience on large, commercial architectural projects around the world is a result of positions held at architectural offices around the globe.

“A building can be subtle, it can be dramatic. It needs to respect the surrounding buildings and the environment, but first of all it needs to be a space which people enjoy, a building people are proud of.”

Of German heritage and with an international CV, Silvia joins Woods Bagot from fitzpatrick+partners in Sydney, having previously worked at RMJM Architects in London.

“The way of working and the demand on workspaces is changing more quickly than ever. Workspaces have to be flexible and adaptable to be able to adjust to change and be sustainable,” says Cupik.