Corporate manslaughter charges could be laid over the Grenfell Tower debacle, media reports suggest.

As reported by Sky News, a letter forwarded by Metropolitan Police has confirmed that both the Kensington and Chelsea Council and the Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation could be prosecuted for the manslaughter offence.

“In due course, a senior representative of each corporation will be formally interviewed by police in relation to the potential offence,” the letter read.

“This interview will not take place immediately, since it is important that all relevant facts and information have been gathered before any such interview is conducted.”

Whilst acknowledging that it would not provide a running commentary on the investigation and stressing that the complex nature of the investigation meant that it would take time to complete, the letter said the Met would keep survivors and families who have lost loved ones updated as much as possible.

It said the latest communication simply represented an updated on the investigation thus far, and should not be taken as any signal that the identified offenses, organisations or individuals were the only ones being investigated.

The latest reports come as at least 80 people have died after flames spread up the exterior of the Grenfell Tower building on June 14.

The fire is believed to have started in a Hotpoint fridge freezer (FF 175BP).

Preliminary tests show that insulation samples collected from the tower combusted soon after the test started whilst those on equivalent aluminium composite tests show that they fail safety standards.

In response, a team of 250 investigators from the Metropolitan Police Service are working with the Fire Service, Health and Safety Executive and experts in fire and building safety on an investigation into the incident which involves recovering and identifying those who dies as well as assisting the coronial process.

Specialist experts from the Building Research Establishment are looking into each flat.

Documents have also been seized, statements taken and CCTV footage viewed.

Nevertheless, the Met is appealing for anyone with photos or videos of the incident.

Thus far, at least 60 companies and organisations have been identified as potentially having played a role in the refurbishment of the tower in which the cladding was installed.