Melbourne Airport has unveiled their proposed design for a new terminal and is looking to the public for feedback.

The Terminal 4 project is set to strengthen Melbourne’s position as the “centre of growth in domestic air travel” and was designed by HASSELL with construction to be delivered by Leighton Contractors.

The airport hopes to encourage feedback to understand how passengers and visitors envision they will utilise the new terminal and whether the new design is aesthetically pleasing. Feedback can be submitted online through the airport’s website and features a two step survey with the following questions:

  1. How would you spend your time at the new Terminal 4?
  2. How do you like the look of the new Terminal 4?

The survey was developed based on a fly-through animation created by ASPECT Studio with Melbourne Airport seeking input from the general public, stakeholders and those genuinely interested in aviation architecture and design.

The Terminal 4 precinct is currently under construction spanning 20,000 square metres of land and will be the new home of low-cost airlines Jetstar and Tigerair. Additionally, the precinct will include 17 new aircraft parking bays and taxi lanes, dedicated ground transport facilities and improvements.

The animation itself navigates the user throughout the terminal from check in all the way to baggage collection upon departing. It reveals a very minimalist design from HASSELL and a neutral colour palette that offers clean and bright spaces for moving about the terminal. Where natural light has the ability to be utilised – it is – via floor to ceiling windows and ceiling sections.

Green foliage brings life to the terminal and can be seen throughout the interiors in neatly compiled planter boxes while outdoors is beautifully landscaped. Furthermore, Terminal 4 is very people centric offering a multitude of communal seating areas beyond the gate seating, an extensive food court and retail precinct.

Melbourne Airport Site Map

Melbourne Airport Site Map

Terminal 4 also appears to feature state-of-the-art technology with digital check in points surpassing human check in desks.  According to HASSELL, Terminal 4 is designed to foremost increase operational efficiency whilst also supporting “enhanced retail opportunities”.

“In addition, it offers further value by considering modular expansion and future integration with Terminal 3, therefore maximising all opportunities for shared security, check-in and baggage facilities and airside retail,” the firm reveal on their website.

“…This terminal is one of a new generation of hybrid facilities that is a platform for a variety of airline business models as well as providing an improved experience and amenity for passengers,” HASSELL added.

In anticipation of the growth of the low-cost domestic airline market, the new structure will integrate with the main terminal  which currently houses Virgin Australia and REX and will be designed to accommodate 10 million passengers each year.

“Low fare airlines have dramatically changed the aviation market and have had tremendous growth as a result of the way people now view air travel,” said Melbourne Airport CEO Chris Woodruff in a press release which officially announced Jetstar joining Terminal 4.

Landscaped Exterior

Landscaped Exterior

“Victoria is growing and so are we. Our new domestic terminal is part of a larger program of investment that will transform Melbourne Airport,” he added referring to Terminal 4 along with further plans for a new airport runway.

Currently, Melbourne Airport serves 30 million passengers each year, a figure expected to grow to 60 million over the next decade. Last year, domestic passengers increased by 3 per cent in 2013 to 2012, reaching 23,051,321 passengers while the airport also handled a further 7 million international passengers, a seven per cent increase since 2012.

The project which is reportedly costing $370 million is expected to be completed by 2015. Woodruff has also recognised the project’s wider economic contribution through job creation both during the development and post project as Melbourne’s airport aims to become “Australia’s premier aviation gateway”.

  • A great opportunity to reflect the dynamic culture and creativity that Melbourne has to offer has been overlooked in favor of a largely utilitarian structure. As a gateway to/from our city, I am not excited by the proposed design which is reminiscent of the departure lounge in Sydney for Jetstar.

  • Two important things – stop future "security theatre" and other unnecessary laws that supercede and destroy the useability of the terminal and waste money (i.e. not being able to drive up onto the upper departure level at ADL airport).

    And also please consider that incoming passengers from airports without security screening (especially Rex passengers) will not appreciate being bussed and dumped outside the entrance to the new T4, so design a small but efficient airside entry area to allow connecting passengers to gain access to the interior of the airport.

    Seating at the gates must be sufficient for a full A320 or B737 aircraft passengers to be able to wait at a gate without impeding foot traffic in adjacent gates. Less shops and more seating areas – if we want to go shopping we will go the Westfield, if we want to catch a plane we will go to the airport.

  • where is the train station?? that is the glaring omission from Melb Airport!!!

  • Pretty uninspiring. Looks like another big meandering shed devoid of much in the way spacial experience. Like a poor man's Chadstone shopping center. Doesn't really scream sophisticated international city. Melbourne airport precinct now is an ugly dogs breakfast. This proposal is very workmanlike and doesn't really cut through. Let's demolish and start again.

  • I cant see any 'point of difference' that makes this terminal any different from any other terminal. Clean lines and simple directional travel paths appear good.

  • demolish the lot, including carparks and hotels. the arrival process at Melbourne is a disgrace- lock stock and barrel.

    travelling regularly through china, I have to say the new airports going up there are simply incredible, even the tier two, three and four cities make our boxes look like Athens did in the 80s.

  • Definitely in the same family as the Qantas Domestic Terminal in the 1990's. Anyone who has been to Beijing airport has seen how amazing the building type can be.

  • I would actually really love to know from the design team what the constraints and brief to Hassell was, as they are no slouches in interesting architecture. my gut says the client would have shut down anything exciting at ALL, due to 'shareholder return' rather than any desire to represent Melbourne appropriately. if you're raking in millions from a crappy bit of dirt, and there is no alternative, why change it??

  • Looks like a big shed with a bit of colourful decoration really. What is very dissappointing is how ad-hoc

  • It's just a shed with some bunting on the inside.
    By the time this is operational, flying will be becoming much more expensive, just from the price of fuel. A superfast train service is the way of the future.

  • I fly with Jetstar quite often but reasently have stopped due to no aerobridge to plane and this is becoming a problem getting up stairs the question is you have developed a beautiful new terminal but are there aero bridges to the plane many of my friends have asked the same thing to me as they have stopped flying Jetstar also .

  • We traveled from Melbourne to Launceston and return with Jetstar from Terminal 4 last week. NEVER again! Whoever designed this should be ashamed, from getting out of the taxi to boarding the aircraft involves walking nearly 1 km via steep stairs, open air walkways, poor signage, overloaded/inefficient check in, having to force your way through retail shopping areas, to a 'gate' with no facilities such as chairs or refreshments, no air bridge, rickety stairs etc etc. All the time being herded with authoritarian announcements warning that the 'gate' will be closed in x minutes and if you don't get there on time you will be denied boarding!!
    The number of poor 'sheeple' complaining about this new 'terminal' indicates that Jetstar usage will suffer immensely. Used once but never again was the common expression. HASSELL [the name says it all] 'architects' should really be forced to travel from terminal 4 for the rest of their lives!

  • We are now living in the 20th century and no airbridges for major jet airlines in Australia's second busiest airport – this is a disgrace. I feel really sorry for elderly and infirm Jetstar and Tigerair passengers who have to be carted onto a very noisy tarmac and wait to be loaded like cattle onto their flights.

    Qantas and VirginAustralia – wait for the expected influx of elderly and infirm passengers on your flights to and from Melbourne Airport – at least you have airbridges to help these people board your planes.