A 100-level apartment tower is set to be built in Melbourne, giving the city the tallest building to the roofline in the southern hemisphere.

The tower, Australia 108, is one of three new skyscrapers to get state government approval for central Melbourne.  At a height of 319m above the ground, it will surpass Melbourne’s Eureka tower by 22 metres.

“It’ll be a large addition to Melbourne’s skyline,” Planning Minister Matthew Guy told reporters on Thursday.  He said it would also surpass the Q1 Gold Coast tower, whose spire reaches 323 metres.

“The top of Q1 is about 275m, so it is by far and away the tallest building to the roofline anywhere in Australia.”

Another 75-storey apartment tower has been approved at 452 Elizabeth Street, along with a 54-storey building at 90 Queensbridge Street, Southbank.

Mr Guy says the new skyscrapers, involving investment of more than $830 million, will house 4000 people and generate 5800 construction jobs.

  • It's good to see the city expanding up rather than out.

    Too often in the past, we have just spread out and put more and more housing nowhere near public transport links. The debacle that is Caroline Springs, which is still without a station after about 15 years is a perfect example. That which is now Point Cook is another.

  • Brendan the question to be asked is who will live in these buildings. Urban sprawl and its lack of infrastructure must be curtailed. But expanding the supply of multi-unit dwelling stock will make little difference to households on average or even median incomes if these supper high rise developments are all there is. The cost of these developments mostly exceed $15,000/m2 with some recent sales topping $27,000/m2. Starts to make even an 80 m2 two bedroom dwelling look a bit over the top, and that's before interest rate increases and body corporate outgoings. Its really time to look for better models to deliver multi-unit developments up to 6 storeys and retail costs to purchasers in the $8000/m2 range. Otherwise who will our cities be for?

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