A wall on a building site has collapsed in Melbourne just 24 hours after the union, WorkSafe and the council decided it was too unsafe to be demolished.

The wall of the former Royal Park Hotel, on the corner of Queensberry Street and Howard Street in North Melbourne, collapsed about 8.30am on April 20.

A woman passing by narrowly missed being hit by falling bricks, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) says.

“The collapse has narrowly missed a woman walking past with a pram,” CFMEU Victorian spokesman Clancy Dobbyn said.

Victoria Police said no one was injured in the collapse.

WorkSafe is investigating.

The union says it raised safety concerns the previous day about the way the former hotel was being demolished.

The union wanted to stop the demolition process, following an inspection that found an asbestos check had not been finalised.

WorkSafe inspected the site on April 20 and ordered the demolition company not to work on the wall but allowed it to continue working on other parts of the building.

It’s understood a City of Melbourne building surveyor also had reservations about the wall, prompting the council to issue an emergency order for all work to be stopped.

  • "The union wanted to stop the demolition process…" Then it fell down. That wasn't very intelligent!

  • This happened on the same day that the construction worker fell into a pit in Epping, injuring himself, with no way of getting out! Great workplace safety!

    The lack of compliance with safety on worksites reflects the total lack of compliance in the building industry. Laws, regulations, rules are routinely ignored – because there are no punishments. Hence, all are utterly meaningless. Thus NO ENFORCEMENT means that effectively there are no laws. Hence, the apt catch cry: 'BUILDING IS A LAWLESS INDUSTRY!'

    NO mount of screaming from con-summers or the increasing pleas from so many voices from within industry make any difference. Nor does the Melbourne Fire Brigade count! Nor do Councils!

    The BIG beneficiaries – building companies, insurance, banks, developers, HIA and MBA drown everyone OUT.

    As for democracy, it's a pathetic joke. Con-summers, as the providers of all monies for building and all business, and the morally motivated MFB as members of our SAFETY team, decent builders and architects – and even ethical Councils – are ignored. All have been LOCKED OUT. All stakeholders, all building consumers, and all who make up our community have in actuality been wiped out. All forcibly silenced. Just like all the potentially very damaging documents which detailed the 20 year history of the blighted Building Commission – all erased!

    Dissent, especially from those with rational arguments, those based on fact and evidence and most of all those with a moral compass have been rendered silent, their views obliterated. And any damaging documents have been destroyed. This is the Government Way, the VBA and CAV Way – and the Vested interests' Way! The contrived reality is that the vast majority of us are deemed non-existent.

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