Melbourne City Council says it has become the first Australian capital city council to be powered entirely by renewables as energy from a purpose-built wind farm in Victoria’s west has begun flowing into the power grid.

City of Melbourne Deputy Mayor says 25 of the 39 turbines to be constructed at the Crowlands Wind Farm project north-east of Ararat have now been installed.

As a result, electricity from the turbines – which will deliver power to a group of fourteen local councils, universities, cultural institutions and companies in inner Melbourne under a purchasing agreement – is now being fed back into the grid.

Wood says Melbourne is the first Australian capital city council to be entirely powered renewables.

“Making the move to 100 per cent renewable energy is the ultimate New Year’s resolution,” he said in a statement.

“Every light on our streets, every treadmill in our gyms and every barbecue in our parks is now powered by renewable energy.

“We are immensely proud to be the first Australian capital city council powered by 100 per cent renewable energy.”

Set to provide 80MW of power overall, construction of the Crowlands farm was underwritten by a long-term purchase agreement between owner Pacific Hydro and a group of fourteen local governments, cultural institutions, universities and corporations under which the group will purchase 88GWh of electricity each year.

As a result, the project is supplying energy to power town Halls, bank branches, universities and street lights across Melbourne.

The agreement reflects a desire from customers involved to both secure reliable energy supply and to boost their environmental credentials.

More than 140 regional jobs were created during construction.

Construction is continuing with the remaining turbines to be commissioned over coming months.

Full completion is expected in May.