A new amendment put forth by local government aims to preserve the architectural heritage of Lygon Street in the suburb of Brunswick East.

The area affected by the amendment – known as Amendment C149 – includes 10 parcels of land along Lygon Street, located within the Brunswick Major Activity Centre.

The proposal calls for permanent heritage protection for five precincts. It also aims to preserve three individual buildings – the former ANZ Bank at 152-154 Lygon Street, the former Rosely Hosiery Mill at 170-176 Lygon Street, and a third building at 150 Lygon Street – and the Moderne Apartment Blocks and Interwar Textile Factories, which have been identified as having local heritage significance.

150 Lygon Street

150 Lygon Street

According to council, the amendment is required to implement the recommendations of the Lygon Street Heritage Study.

The heritage value of the selected places was evaluated based on the HERCON Criteria, adopted at the 1998 Conference on Heritage, in accordance with Heritage Victoria guidelines. Those criteria state that places of local significance include those that are important to a particular community and locality.

171 Lygon Street

171 Lygon Street

The amendment follows in the framework of the Victorian Planning and Environment Act 1987, which aims to conserve and enhance buildings, areas or other places of scientific, aesthetic, architectural or historical interest, or otherwise of special cultural value.

That act’s objective is to provide a strategic and coordinated plan for the use and development of land and conservation of the existing buildings in the area.

The amendment aims to minimise impact on the environment.

“The environmental sustainability benefits afforded by the retention of heritage places through maintenance, restoration and re-use are considered environmentally responsible and can save significant resources in the longer term,” it says.

329 Lygon Street

327-329 Lygon Street

In addition, the implementation is expected to have economic benefits, adding value to the historic buildings, especially in residential areas where former industrial and commercial buildings have a huge potential for restoration and investment.

“The amendment will make a positive contribution to the Moreland and greater community. Buildings, landscapes and other places of heritage value provide a link to our past. Heritage places also add character, appeal and interest to our city while contributing to the quality of life and cultural identity of the local community,” council said.

“Respect for our cultural heritage involves retaining and managing places that have importance to us as community. The inclusion of new places in the heritage overlay will ensure the preservation of Moreland’s history for present and future generations.”