Two more mining companies have been targeted in drug raids in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto worked with police who searched people arriving on site by plane, as well as at Newman Airport.

The searches on are part of an ongoing initiative to target illicit drug distribution and use in regional WA.

It followed raids involving Fortescue Metals Group in December.  Commander Murray Smalpage says police and the industry have a shared interest in removing drugs from work sites.

“From our perspective it is about law enforcement and community protection, and for industry members it is about the health and safety of their staff,” he said.

“A person under the influence of illicit drugs isn’t just a danger to themselves, they are a danger to their workmates and they are a danger to the community they work in.”

Police say more operations will be held in the future.

  • Good idea wipe the low lifes selling this S——–t from ever working in the mining industry again and put them where they belong jail.

  • Fair enough too. They put other workers lives at risk. Workplace should be drug and alcohol free, especially in mining and construction.

  • Shame its a bit late but it's a good thing.

  • Good on the WA Police force, anyone getting busted don't deserve such a job and deserve a national black listing. There's thousands more than willing, capable and appreciative to have a job in the mines.

  • They should check the freight coming on site as well via the trucks.

  • I like most people was under the impression the miners were drug and alcohol tested is this not happening now? I know of a few FIFO workers that have to go through the testing every time they are going back in so what's going on. I agree construction and mining are just a few of the high risk industries where drugs and alcohol have no place. And if employees are breaking the rules/law then they should suffer the consequences and also be fined by the company for endangering other workers

  • This is a good thing – do we know if this was a random and un-announced raid, as this would increase the chances of people getting caught out

  • Drugs have been on mine sites some thirty years but it is not a issue it is well policed by Mining company's but like any other place it becomes a problem if not policed and it is very simple to wipe this scum out more testing more searchers and get some dogs at all mine sites it is costly but mining company have a duty of care as we all do to wipe this scum off our mine sites.

    If you need a high when working stay home and do it your not welcome on my site anyway or any working site. We have to remember the mining is one of the most regulated D&A tested industry's there are many industry's that are not.

  • Being under the influence or 'hungover' from drugs etc in an environment loaded with heavy machinery, moving parts, highwalls and so many other hazards, is just plain selfish. It puts everyone at risk. It's just sad and selfish that some people place importance on getting high over the safety of their workmates. We have too many incidents in mining and construction as it is… This is a great initiative – good on the WA Police.

  • Lets not forget the generally "accepted" drug that is also impacting negatively on people's behaviour – "Steroids". Some crazy habits out there and some angry men who don't understand that they are putting themselves on the list for heart failure and other problems, just so they can wear XXXL shirts, have biceps like shotputs and a "d..k" the size of a peanut!! How are we testing for steroids in the workplace and the legality of what is being taken, where it originates from and more importantly, the impacts on health and behaviour patterns.

    • Brendan you have a point Steroids but when you get drug tested before you start work you are asked before the drug test if you are taking any drugs legal or Ilegal and this is where companys can stop anybody arriving on mine sites on Steroids if tested positive.There is no room for any drugs that affect your work performance and Steroids affect just that the brain if these d——-h——s have one.

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