Foreign construction workers allegedly mistreated by their boss have been given $216,000 back pay and had their wages lifted closer to the rate they were initially promised.

In August, 18 Hungarian men had been promised $30 an hour to move to Australia on temporary working visas and build an automated warehouse at Eastern Creek in Sydney, CFMEU NSW assistant state secretary Rebel Hanlon said in a statement.

“Instead of the $30 an hour they were promised the men were paid about $15 an hour, worked six days a week and claim they were verbally abused on the job,” Mr Hanlon said.

Three workers were sent home after complaining about conditions, he added.

Members of the Hungarian community at Blacktown raised concerns with the CFMEU who then met with the Austrian construction company, Assmont, to investigate the men’s situation.

“Assmont (has) now agreed to back pay all the workers including three men who were sent home by the company after they complained about conditions,” Mr Hanlon said.

“The men will also all now be paid proper rates and all other conditions they are entitled to.”

Under the agreement between the CFMEU and Assmont, the men will be back-paid a total of $216,000 and their hourly wage will rise to $29.10.