German designer Till Könneker's Living Cube is a simple, multifunctional object that can be adjusted to meet anybody’s personal needs.

The idea was born out of the designer’s personal need to overcome a lack of storage and limited space in his own home, allowing him to accommodate the things he wishes to see and use everyday while enlarging the space for those he needs to store.

living cube

The cube contains a ‘New Room’ that can be configured as a utility storage space, a workspace or to meet other needs.

According to Könneker, modern houses and apartments are not really flexible, but indoor space and furniture can be rethought and designed to adapt interiors to the different needs of the user.

“I wanted to focus on practicality and functionality and skip any unnecessary elements. My goal was to come up with a timeless design that fits any space and living situation,” he said.

The Living Cube combines six essential pieces of furniture into one: a TV space for a 42″ flat panel screen, shelves suitable for books, records and/or clothing, coat hooks, a queen-size bed-ready loft and an interior room/space for additional storage or workspace utility.

living cube

The Living Cube combines six essential pieces of furniture into one.

The TV Space can include a full entertainment system, hiding all the untidy cables inside. Tthe wooden shelves can fit books, DVDs or LP records. There is also room to hang five to 10 jackets, other clothes and shoes, offering easy access.

The top of the wooden cube features a bed-ready loft accessed by a metal ladder, which contains a queen-size bed.

Inside the cube is a ‘New Room’ that can be converted into utility storage, a workspace, a small bathroom, a music studio, a library, a dark room, wine storage, a walk-in closet, and even a meditation room.

living cube

The TV Space can hold a full entertainment system – gaming system, DVD player and audio – while hiding all the untidy cables inside.

There are plenty of possibilities for the handcrafted piece of furniture. Extra features can be added to the basic cube, including a drop down table, bed railing, drawers, USB charging ports and interior lights.

The cube is available in multiple sizes, with the smaller MINI model standing which is 2.6 metres long, 1.6 metres wide and two metres high consisting of the TV space, shelves, clothing hooks, the queen-size bed-ready loft, the interior room and the black metal ladder.

living cube

Extra features can be added to the basic cube, including interior lights.

The URBAN model is four metres long, 1.6 metres wide and two metres tall and includes the standard features plus a few select upgrades such as bed railings, drawers, USB charging ports, interior lights, a drop down desk, slatted bed frame, memory foam bed, hardware options and ‘New Room’ interior customization.

There is also a CUSTOM cube option offering customized size and shape to be ordered by the client, and a LIVING WALL module, which offers all the modular elements of the Living Cube (TV space, shelving, coat wardrobe, drawers, drop down desk and USB charging ports), but without the bed loft or interior room. As each piece is modular, clients can mix and match elements to create the ideal configuration for their interior spaces.