Is NBN Co Picking Favorites?

NBN Co has denied consulting with government MPs over the latest national broadband network roll out plan despite 75 per cent of the chosen suburbs and towns being in coalition seats.

The plan, covering 400 cities, suburbs and towns was released on Monday and detailed scheduled construction work up to June 2016 for an additional 1.9 million homes and businesses.

So far 300,000 premises are connected.

Chief executive Bill Morrow said Liberal and National MPs had not been consulted on the roll out plan.

“Honestly, I walk these halls, I couldn’t tell you who’s in which party and I couldn’t care,” Mr Morrow told a Senate NBN hearing on Tuesday.

Back in 2011, the coalition complained about suburbs in Labor electorates being overwhelmingly picked for roll out.

Mr Morrow said the company won’t be releasing the forecasts on how many connections will be “passed” or “ready” by 2016.

“The company has had a history of giving information that was so bloody incorrect, that people relied on… it was inappropriate to give them that because the company could not stand behind it,” he said.

Meanwhile, NBN Co’s Corporate Affairs manager Karina Keisler was grilled about her Twitter usage.

Senator Conroy took issue with several of her recent tweets including one he alleged showed support for ABC and SBS budget cuts.

He reminded her that public servants working for government business enterprises had to comply to professional guidelines and not make political comments on social media.

Ms Keisler maintained she had posed a question to her 666 followers about whether any organisation could be immune to belt tightening in such a tight media environment.

“It was to generate discussion with a very engaged audience,” she said.




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