The Netherlands has officially become host to the EU’s greenest and most energy efficient industrial facility following the formal certification of the Venco Campus in the North Brabant town of Eersel.

Serving as a multi-purpose facility and a hotbed for innovation within the poultry industry, The Venco Campus – the new headquarters for poultry industry giant Vencomatic – has become the first building to obtain a BREEAM-NL Outstanding certificate – the highest level of accreditation under the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).

One key feature of the building is its novel and innovative oval-shaped design, which makes it redolent of a chicken egg when viewed from an elevated vantage point. Its wood finishing and accompanying landscape design, meanwhile, allow the building to blend in seamlessly with its rural surroundings.

The concept behind the new plant, which in addition to logistics and manufacturing facilities is host to a workshop, offices, a showroom for product displays, meeting rooms, instruction premises and an auditorium capable of accommodating 110 people, revolves around the creation of an international research and innovation hub for the poultry industry.

Toward this end, campus owners Cor and Han van de Ven, who also own the Venco group, are inviting other poultry companies and upstream suppliers into the precinct. So far, poultry air-conditioning supplier Argo Supply, fellow poultry firm Rondeel, solar energy supplier Allius Energy and consultants P&H Advisors have signed up and have a presence at the facility.

In order to maximise the facility’s sustainability credentials, Vencomatic opted to employ the BREEAM methodology – a system devised by the UK’s Building Research Establishment in 1988 which is one of the world’s most established and recognised set of green building criteria.

Key sustainability features include use of energy neutral construction wherever possible and use of LED lighting throughout the facility, which is also expected to deliver cost savings of around 40 per cent.

In addition to BREEAM, the Venco Campus was also constructed using the Netherlands’ FRED approach, a system which emphasises flexibility in use, reduction in mass and weight, cost efficiency and sustainability. FRED seeks to balance both cost and efficiency, achieving a balance between sustainability and economic benefit.