A new program encourages Australians to change from expensive halogen or traditional light bulbs to affordable, energy-efficient LED lighting in their homes.

While many Australian families are spending as much as 10 per cent of their gross income on power bills, cherryLED has launched a new cost-saving initiative dubbed Lighting That Pays For Itself to help them reduce their expenses.

The Sustainable Melbourne Fund is supporting an initiative that will allow 400 homes to switch to LED lighting for a very low upfront cost and a 36-month repayment plan.

“This type of product is exactly what we look for when financing energy efficiency ideas. Now more Melbourne residents can look forward to better quality lighting, at a low upfront cost, while reducing energy costs and the city’s carbon emissions”, said Sustainable Melbourne Fund CEO Scott Bocskay.

cherryLED is an Australian company with more than 100 years of experience in the energy and sustainable living field. The company began with the development of a unique program that provides group buying discounts to support energy efficiency for local community buildings. At present, they have completed more than 200 community neighbourhoods.

“This program has brought the latest LED energy efficient lighting technology within reach of every home, school, business and community,” said cherryLED.

cherryLED lights are Australian designed, tested and certified to Australian standards, and come backed by five years of extensive research and stringent quality testing. cherryLED supplies, installs, and provides an ESC (Electrical Safety Certificate) for all work done.

In addition, all cherryLED globes are CE-marked and RoHS-rated to prevent radio frequency interference with pacemakers and other sensitive electronic devices. They meet or exceed JAS-ANZ standards, are mercury free, and come with a two-year guarantee.

Lighting That Pays For Itself will allow people to save up to 89 per cent on their lighting electricity bill.

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“Correctly installed LED lights last 25,000 plus hours, so anyone who switches over will also spend less time changing light globes. That’s a plus for people with limited mobility or anyone who doesn’t like working at heights,” said cherryLED general manager Ben Wright.

“LED lighting is suitable for every room in the home – kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, living and study areas can all be enhanced, thanks to the range of LED products now available. Today’s LED lights come in ‘cool’ output for replicating daylight, or ‘warm’ for a softer, more relaxing mood to every lifestyle. They can also be dimmed.”

One of the most important benefits of LED technology is an operating temperature around 55 degrees Celsius. Compared with halogen down lights, which radiate heat of 200 degrees Celsius, LED lighting can help keep houses significantly cooler while reducing the load on air conditioning systems as well.

“In an average Australian home the energy cost savings will exceed the cost of the lighting and people will start saving immediately,” Wright said.

Established by Melbourne City Council in 2002, the Sustainable Melbourne Fund is an independently managed trust that has invested $8.14 million in energy generation, water savings and energy efficiency projects. All financial returns are re-invested in future sustainability projects, allowing the Fund to support environmental initiatives in the community for years to come.