Vitamin C showers and posture-supportive flooring are just two of the wellness amenities found inside one of New York’s healthiest apartment buildings.

The building stands as the world’s first WELL Certified™ residencies, a standard developed by Delos Living that recognises holistic design as a means of achieving wellness for inhabitants within the built environment.

Delos, pioneers in healthy-living real estate, developed the project at 66 East 11 Street in Manhattan’s downtown Greenwich Village. It features five units that combine luxury living with science-based wellness technology.

Kitchen Herbarium and Juicing Station

Kitchen herbarium and juicing station

While the building effortlessly achieves familiar green building attributes including LEED certification, vertical gardens and natural building materials, the project demonstrates the possibility of design that benefits both the environment and human health.

“The simplest way to understand what this home is capable of doing is to think of it like a 24-hour carwash that works on the human body,” Paul Scialla, co-founder and managing partner of Delos told the NY Times.

The loft-style homes feature over 75 wellness amenities including purified air and water, Vitamin C spritzed from the shower head to eliminate “residual chlorine” to promote healthier skin and a WELL Shield coating applied to wet areas to destroy bacteria.

Jacuzzi's with Chromotherapy

Jacuzzis with chromotherapy

In addition, the apartments will house a kitchen herbarium and juicing station, while window sills will be decorated with oxygenated planters.

Soy-based insulation has been implemented along with a bamboo and cork flooring system which supports posture and provides “intense” sound absorption.

Thanks to the building’s 19th century large arched windows, natural light will illuminate the apartments. For those seeking a more advanced lighting solution, the apartments feature dawn stimulation technology that will provide a “propriety circadian lighting design“.

The amenities were developed from medical research conducted at Columbia University Medical School and the Mayo Clinic combined with responsive architectural and engineering technology.

19th Century Facade

19th century facade

Priced at $15.5  million, the three three-bedroom apartments span 3,663 square feet while the $45 million five bedroom mansion and $50 million four bedroom penthouse are 7,693 square feet and 10,701 square feet respectively.

Naturally, the penthouse boasts a 360-degree view of Manhattan, including bedroom views of the Empire State Building, while the mansion offers luxury attributes including a natural stone fireplace, a library with a rolling ladder, wine cellar and private screening room. There are also jacuzzis that utilise chromotherapy – coloured lights in the bath that are used to harmonise and de-stress the body.

Scialla and his twin brother Paul have also committed to building 40 homes in Haiti for every unit they sell.

Paul Scialla, Delos Living

Paul Scialla, Delos Living

Delos’ project has even caught the eye of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, renowned for his environmental commitment, who reportedly purchased one of the five wellness dwellings last week.

Dicaprio is also said to have invested in Delos and may join their advisory board, which also includes alternative medicine authority Dr Deepak Chopra.

“The environment is you,” said Chopra upon his appointment to Delos’ board. “It is your extended body. Your home is also your extended body. It only stands to reason that the healthier the home, the healthier the body.”

Scialla believes Delos’ contribution to healthy design is just the beginning with the entire wellness industry projected to surpass one trillion dollars in 2017.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village