The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) in partnership with industry, government and subject matter experts is set to launch a suite of online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to help building and plumbing practitioners deepen their understanding and effective application of the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC). 

“These online courses are one of the initial measures being implemented by the ABCB, at the request of national Building Ministers, in response to the Shergold-Weir Building Confidence Report recommendations,” Neil Savery, CEO of the ABCB, said.

“They are designed to reinforce industry understanding of the NCC and also help support practitioners in using the NCC as a performance-based code, whether working on complex projects, designing and building on difficult sites or simply in circumstances where a DeemedtoSatisfy Provision may not exist or suit the circumstance.”

Online training provider, Pointsbuild, is contracted by the ABCB to deliver the affordable, interactive and practical courses.

“The advantage of online delivery is it allows participants to learn when and where it suits them,” Savery said.

“It also enables practitioners to navigate some of the current challenges around face-to-face gatherings and state and regional travel restrictions.”

Savery says that undertaking NCC CPD can also have a positive advantage as the industry emerges from the current economic disruptions and uncertainty.

The course materials are targeting three practitioner groups:  

  • Compliance practitioners including building surveyors and inspectors;
  • Design and engineering practitioners including architects, designers, draftspersons, specialists and engineers (including fire and hydraulic); and
  • Construct and install practitioners including builders, plumbers, fire protection practitioners and site/project managers.

The first suite of courses will be launching from mid-late 2020. Practitioners are encouraged to register their interest and can subscribe at