The simultaneous certification of three sustainable buildings in New Zealand has brought the country’s total number of green star-rated project to 100 in total.

New Zealand recently added the three Green Star-certified buildings to the nation’s rapidly expanding stock of sustainable properties.

Because the buildings obtained certification simultaneously, they have effectively shared the honour of becoming the 100th Green Star building in New Zealand.

The Te Mirumiru childcare centre is the first education facility in New Zealand to obtain a six green star rating, becoming the country’s first commercial earth-bank building.

Te Mirumiru

Te Mirumiru

The childcare centre’s curvilinear design draws its inspiration from New Zealand’s traditional Maori culture, with a green roof of soil and turf which enables it to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, while also insulating¬†the interior and filtering¬†rain water.¬†

The two other buildings which obtained certification were the Forte Health Building in Christchurch, which grabbed a 4 Green Star rating to become New Zealand’s first Green Star-rated medical centre, and an office facility for law firm Sharp Tudhope in Tauranga, which also nabbed a 4 star rating.

Forte Health Kilmore

Forte Health Kilmore

Sharp Tudhope building in Tauranage

Sharp Tudhope building in Tauranage

The 100 Green Star-rated buildings in New Zealand now comprise a total area of 687,300 square metres, which is roughly equivalent to the ground covered by 99 rugby fields.

The popularity of green building has enjoyed a rapid rise in New Zealand, with 100 buildings certified under Green Star in just the seven years since the launch of the scheme and a further 20 expected in 2014.

Alex Cutler, chief executive of the New Zealand Green Building Council, said green building was rapidly becoming “the new normal” in the country.

“Green Star is part of our landscape. It’s been transforming New Zealand’s built environment for seven years – creating healthy, efficient, sustainable spaces that are great to work, play and learn in,” Cutler said. “The appetite for green buildings is growing. These three projects show the diversity of sustainable building – it’s not just premium commercial space in our bigger cities.”

The World Green Building Council offered its congratulations to New Zealand on hitting its 100th building milestone.

“New Zealand’s 100 Green Star projects, including the three impressive buildings just certified, will continue to inspire others to embrace sustainability,” said WorldGBC chief executive officer Jane Henley.