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Next Generation Tapware from Caroma

Friday, October 3rd, 2014
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Caroma’s new G-Series Electronic Tapware Range combines clever design and sophisticated technology to provide the gold standard in hygienic, hands-free operation.

Ideal for installation in corporate, commercial, healthcare, education, dining, sporting and public venues, G-Series’ advanced technology promotes greater water conservation and efficient, germ-free washing.

The G-Series tapware is available in both hands free, infrared sensor technology and single touch activation and come in a choice of cold or mixed temperature variations, providing the ultimate choice for architects, designers and specifiers.

The Caroma Hands-Free Sensor Basin Mixer sets a new standard in form and function, featuring an infrared sensor for hands free operation, ideal for infection control and hygiene.

For added flexibility, a remote control is used to enable sensor range and time flow adjustments, as well as activate a 24 hour hygiene flush for stagnant water, a temporary off function for cleaning and an anti-vandalism security feature that shut offs the flow of water after 90 seconds.

In the instance of a power outage, a dual power supply battery box ensures that the Caroma G-Series Electronic Hands Free Sensor Mixer will continue to operate as required.  The range features a long life battery that only powers the on and off activation, resulting in no power being consumed when the water is flowing.

Intuitive and responsive, the Caroma G-Series Touch Basin Mixer joins the Hands-Free Sensor Basin Mixer in the G-Series Electronic Tapware Range.  The Touch Basin Mixer uses advanced Piezo Touch Technology, for effortless one touch, on-off operation. This makes it ideal for those with limited hand dexterity, such as the elderly and young children.

The G-Series Electronic Range is completed with the inclusion of the G-Series Electronic Hands-Free Soap Dispenser.  The dispenser provides the total solution to hygienic, germ-free hand washing, activated by an infrared sensor to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

As Caroma Category Marketing Manager, Trevor Smith, explains, "Hands free and touch activated tapware are fast becoming the fixtures of choice for commercial facilities. The G-Series Electronic Range combines sophisticated design and technology and sets a new standard for water savings and cross-infection control.”

To ensure water conservation, both the G-Series Hands-Free Sensor Basin Mixer and Touch Basin Mixer carry an impressive 6 star WELS rating, providing 4.5L/min.

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