No fix appears on the horizon for a notorious Perth rail bridge that 13 trucks have hit or been trapped under in the past year, with the WA government still deciding if it will be included in its key Metronet rail project.

One truck lost its roof while another was damaged but managed to reverse out after they separately struck the 3.8m Bayswater underpass on Monday, banking up traffic as they became its first victims of the new year.

The McGowan government made a pre-election pledge of $40 million to upgrade Bayswater train station, with a final design proposal at least several months away.

“I have asked to see what other warning systems we can put in place but also more generally as part of the connection of the Ellenbrook line into that area,” Transport Minister Rita Saffioti told reporters.

“As part of the infrastructure works as part of the Ellenbrook line, we are looking at that whole area because there is no doubt that area will play a key role, in not only the Forrestfield rail line but also the Ellenbrook rail line.”

Public Transport Authority spokesman David Hynes says it is “way too early” to say if the Ellenbrook line will have any impact on the bridge.

The Morley-Ellenbrook Line is in the preliminary stages of planning as the government conducts community consultation.

Mr Hynes says a lot of time and consideration has been spent tackling the problem.

“We’ve got fluorescent cross-hatching, LED lights … I don’t know how many signs” he said.

“There’s not a lot you can do about stupidity.”

The bridge was painted with the red and white stripes in 2014 and there are more than 15 low clearance warning signs, including some lit up with flashing LED lights installed in 2017.

He said the PTA could seek damages from the two truck drivers.