Dodgy tradies are being dragged through the courts as NSW Fair Trading clamps down hard on lying and unlicensed builders.

Six shifty tradies have been prosecuted this month, copping tens of thousands of dollars in fines, community service hours and intensive corrections orders between them, the authority says.

"No matter where it is operating in this state, Fair Trading investigators will track down unlawful activity in the residential building sector," commissioner Rod Stowe said.

Mr Stowe said customers must be vigilant to stop building and renovation works going belly-up.

"Check your builder has a valid licence before any work over $5000 commences and always check that a valid insurance certificate has been obtained," he said.

"For specialist work such as plumbing, electrical and gas fitting and refrigeration, check your tradesperson has the relevant qualifications."

  • Whilst the tradies are a problem sometimes – especially the electricians and plumbers who self-certify, no one will bring to account the hundreds of thousands of 'builders', surveyors, etc. who are 'registered', negligent and utterly unethical. The CAV in Vic and OFT in NSW and the other 'consumer protection' phonies in other states refuse to prosecute any of the 'registered' small, medium and big recalcitrant and serial players. All are untouchable and instead of consumers, it is the rogues who are 'protected' by Government agencies.

    The six 'shifty tradies' are easy pickings and all building and surveying companies remain at liberty to breach all building and consumer laws, with many thousands allowed to continue as serial offenders – and with no risk of ever being punished, nothing will change now, or in the foreseeable future.