Victoria gets a "ludicrous" nine per cent of federal infrastructure funding while NSW gets more than four times that amount, the state government says.

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas is pushing for more infrastructure cash from Canberra given the state received on average 20 per cent of the pie for the decade to 2014, before it was slashed to just nine per cent.

“That is unsustainably low, in fact it’s almost at the point of being laughable,” Mr Pallas told reporters on Thursday.

He said Victoria would keep asking Canberra for more infrastructure money but he’d not received any positive feedback to date.

“I suspect they’re holding their cards pretty close to their chest as they move towards their budget,” the state treasurer said, adding Victorians deserved some “respect” from their federal politicians.

“The state of NSW gets more than four times what the state of Victoria gets.

“That’s ludicrous, it has to be addressed.”

Victoria has asked for $4.5 billion from the Commonwealth for the Melbourne Metro Rail project and up to $2 billion for the Western Distributor toll road.

“We’ve got business cases in the public domain – the projects are highly rated by Infrastructure Australia,” Mr Pallas said on Thursday.