The second longest steel arch bridge in New South Wales has been lifted into place.

Last weekend, a bridge weighing 1,425 tonnes was lifted into place as part of the Parramatta Light Rail Project in the central western part of Sydney.

Set to commence in 2023, the light rail will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia.

The new bridge will help cyclists and pedestrians to safely and easily cross six lanes of traffic on James Russ Drive – which sees 65,000 vehicle movements each day –  in order to access the new Tramway Avenue light rail stop on the western side of the road

It is the second longest steel arch bridge in the state of New South Wales, after the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

It is one of six bridges which will be delivered as part of the project.

The bridge was assembled in Rose Hill and was built using steel that was fabricated at a workshop in Rooty Hill in Sydney’s west.

Fabrication was performed by Western Sydney based company, S&L Steel.

All up, the bridge is 64m in length and 16m in width.

The steel arch is 15 metres high

Each piece of the fabricated steel weighs up to 60 tonnes.

More than 200 workers were involved in its assembly and construction.

It was installed on Saturday night using four self-propelled modular transporters, also known as heavy haulage jacks.

The transporters took eight hours to move and lower the structure onto the bridge piers.

The bridge will now be fitted out with light rail tracks.

The project is being delivered by CPB Contractors for the New South Wales Government.

A video of the lift can be seen here. 


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