Fees and fines added $5 million more than expected to Melbourne City Council coffers in the last financial year.

The council raised about $80 million from parking, including half from fines, in 2014-15, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says.  The council is “squirrelling away” the surplus funds to pay for the Queen Victoria Market renewal project, he says.

Motorists have been more compliant, paying parking fees since electronic parking sensors were installed in bays across the city, helping boost income from fees.  “We think … parking revenue for us has about peaked and it will probably now start to decline,” Mr Doyle told 3AW radio.

Mr Doyle was accused of hiding the figures, which were revealed by councillor Stephen Mayne during a council meeting this week.

But Mr Doyle said he was upset Mr Mayne had revealed unaudited figures from a confidential council briefing.

“I do get cranky when people break confidentiality,” he said.

“I’m not trying to hide it but confidential means confidential and there’s a reason for that.”

Mr Doyle said more than half the additional revenue, $2.6 million, was the result of delays in removing on-street parking along Victoria Parade to make way for a bus lane.


By Karen Sweeney