Its construction was a $550 million nightmare and its design has been likened to crushed beer can.

But the innovative Perth Arena has been named as one of the world’s top entertainment venues, ahead of iconic venues including New York’s Madison Square Garden and London’s O2 Arena.

Perth ArenaAlmost half a million tickets for events at the arena were sold in 2013 – a long way from the at-times farcical construction of the building which slipped $323 million after a series of blunders.

That meant that respected live music industry magazine Pollstar ranked the venue as number 22 in the world’s top 200 popular venues.

The best-attended arena in the world was the O2 in London, which last year topped 2.12 million attendants.

“This venue has placed Perth on the international touring map, and is now a must-play destination,” sport and recreation minister Terry Waldron said.

Artists coming to the Arena in 2014 include Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars and Dolly Parton.

perth arena

  • For whatever it's worth as a record of actual history and the time taken to care and write this from a perspective of someone actually involved in the project, the Perth Arena as it was completed and opened is not in the same design universe as the basic idea used to establish the initial project budget, and was therefore never going to be built for the original estimate. Not in any fevered imaginings.

    Why not just report on how it's performed as a venue instead? The sky fell a long time ago over the issues surrounding the costs. It's dusty factually incorrect old news but even so, surprisingly didn't turn the venue into a white elephant.