Designer Pierre Gimbergues has used ancient volcanic rock to create an opulent sofa that will be unveiled at Salone del Mobile this week.

Gimbergues worked with Peugeot Design Lab, the design division of the French automobile company, to create a furniture piece dubbed The Onyx Sofa.

The sofa was described by Peugeot as the “static partner” of the auto company’s current Onyx collection, which includes a high performance supercar, a three-wheeled hybrid super scooter and a concept bike all showcasing modern, efficient and aesthetically sculptural features.

The Onyx Sofa took 70 days to construct

The Onyx Sofa took 70 days to construct

The Onyx sofa measures three metres long and is constructed from volcanic lave stone sourced from France’s ancient Auvergne region, which is home to an abundance of sleeping volcanoes.

The stone is fused with a sleek and straight carbon fibre seat wrapped around a wooden frame. The two contrasting materials meet to form the sculptural piece with the coordinates of where the sofa was made engraved in the carbon fibre.

The team behind the sofa worked with stone cutters to flawlessly fuse the carbon fibre with the raw, textured stone.

Sofa's Coordinates Engraved on the back

The sofa’s coordinates are engraved on the back

The sofa weighs roughly 400 kilograms and took 70 days to create, hence its hefty €135,000 price tag.

The Onyx Sofa marks the beginning of Peugeot’s plan to design a collection of made to measure furniture that the lab says will respect “the union, via a pronounced clear cut, between hyper-technological materials – carbon fiber, glass fiber, aluminum and raw and natural materials – rock, wood, stone”.

The Onyx sofa will join a series of sculptured objects on display at Salone del Mobile in Milan, all of which will feature contrasting materials.

Contrast materials fused together

Contrasting materials fused together

Peugeot has shown that volcanic rock can indeed be a resource for the furniture industry along with its striking aesthetic, though the material is best-known for its ability to produce mineral rich water.

Latvian interior designer Raimonds Cirulis of Maffam Freeform has been credited with creating the world’s first furniture from basalt (extruded volcanic rock).

Maffam Freeform is renowned as the only volcanic workshop in the world, creating handmade chairs, tables and décor from basalt.

Maffam Freeform: World's First Volcanic Workshop

Maffam Freeform, the world’s first volcanic workshop,
Image via Embody3D

Basalt is a dark grey volcanic rock that is formed from rapidly cooling lava. Cirulis bonds the fibres of the basalt together to form objects and then applies a hardening finish with natural resin.

Cirulis says the material is eco friendly “because fibre absorbs negative environmental electromagnetic radiation and nature has inexhaustible sources of this material.”

Maffam: Basalt & Carbon Resin Furniture

Basalt and carbon resin furniture