Project lead architects as well as Revit technicians have emerged as likely areas of demand for architectural staff early in the new year, a new report suggests.

Unveiling its Skills report for the first half of 2018, recruitment outfit Hays says demand for workers is likely to fall into several areas, including project lead architects and Revit technicians.

“Project Lead Architects will be in high demand in the first half of 2018,” Hays wrote in its report.

“This role requires architects who have exposure to all stages of a project in addition to experience leading their own projects. It takes around five to ten years to gain this experience, however a reduction in the number of new architecture jobs several years ago has impacted the supply of suitable candidates today.”

“(Also,) Revit Technicians will remain in demand. This role is typically used as a stepping stone to senior positions. In addition, the first graduates who were taught Revit during their studies only began leaving university in recent years, which further adds to the skills shortage.”

Elsewhere, according to Hays:

  • Design architects are needed courtesy of a shortage of qualified candidates which has emerged as the completion of design by the most senior architects (often directors) has meant a number of up and comers have little experience in design concept.
  • For similar reasons, interior designers are required although candidate shortages in this area is being further exacerbated as the number of roles on offer has increased.
  • Landscape designers are needed for new landscape projects being tendered by government and not-for-profit entities.

Around Australia, the market for architects has been buoyed in recent times amid elevated levels of building activity.

Federal government job vacancy data, for example, puts architectural vacancies at close to their highest level since the pre-GFC economic boom.