Development managers, residential property managers and project managers are emerging as critical beneficiaries as demand for workers in the property sector continues, a new report suggests.

Unveiling its latest quarterly report, recruitment outfit Hays says professionals within the sector are benefiting from continued demand across both high and low density residential markets in eastern states as well as positive commercial property markets in a number of CBD areas.

Buoyant conditions are also being helped along as activation of major property portfolios on the part of government create demand for professionals with respect to contract roles whilst a number of traditionally residential developers are switching attention to land development projects.

“Businesses are starting to trust that the green shoots are here to stay and are willing to invest in the headcount required for growth this year,” Hays said in its report, referring to property and real-estate firms.

According to Hays:

  • Development managers are in demand across New South Wales and Victoria where there are more projects than available candidates and continued interest from Chinese investors in high-rise apartments seeking people with strong local knowledge.
  • Business development managers are needed particularly in Queensland as companies from other states attempt to grow their footprint in the state.
  • Whilst turnover remains high, residential property managers are needed to across most states in order for agents to expand the rental side of their business. This is particularly the case in South Australia, where managers who are already licensed are in demand amid the impending commencement of a requirement to have qualified property managers by the middle of this year.
  • Client side project managers are needed in New South Wales and Queensland amid higher levels of government spending in this area as well as for universities competing with US and Asia whilst project managers are needed to manage a massive volume of new apartment buildings coming online in Victoria.
  • In other areas, commercial leasing executives are needed due to the lack of candidate movement in the market whilst valuers are needed in South Australia where the government has changed the way in which property is valued as well as in Victoria in response to lower interest rates and higher property prices.

In terms of strategies, Hays says employers are moving away from a demand for niche skills and are looking for well-rounded experience as well as good ‘soft’ skills.

In South Australia, Hays says a growing number of candidates are returning to Adelaide in order to raise their children.

Cultural fit and flexibility regarding hours and roles are important considerations for these candidates in terms of selecting employers, Hays said.