Planning Minister Matthew Guy has approved City of Melbourne Planning Scheme Amendment C171 in a bid to save the future of Melbourne’s arts and entertainment precinct.

The amendment is part of the implementation of the Southbank Structure Plan 2010, which was endorsed by Melbourne City Council’s Future Melbourne Committee in September 2010. It proposes a strategic plan for the next 30 years of development in Southbank, helping to make the area more liveable, accessible and sustainable.

Through Planning Scheme Amendment C171, the council is implementing a number of controls over the Melbourne Planning Scheme.

Guy said Southbank is a natural extension of the CBD, which includes many high-quality public and private buildings which have made a great contribution to the Southbank area, such as Eureka Tower, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Southbank Boulevard and Queensbridge Plaza.

Illustrations for Southbank Structure Plan

Illustrations for Southbank Structure Plan

“The site is in one of the best locations for high density living, taking the pressure off Melbourne’s suburbs, being within easy walking and cycling distance of the CBD and on the doorstep of major tram and train routes, with shops, entertainment and an array of services,” Guy said.

The projected renewal includes improvements to commercial, retail and community infrastructure, and also to pedestrian and cycling facilities throughout the streets and public open spaces. The plan’s main goal is to make Southbank a far more attractive and interesting place to visit, do business and live in.

“This amendment highlights the significance of our city’s much loved arts precinct by setting a 24-metre mandatory height limit around Hamer Hall, the Spire, the Arts Centre and adjoining area,” Guy said.

cycling on southbank

Cycling and Lifestyle in Southbank, Melbourne

“The streetscape and built form controls are a sensible approach that will enable the area to thrive and achieve the right balance for this growing precinct.”

The plan includes proposals to integrate infrastructure and encourage sustainability across Southbank, with water and energy efficiency measure and green roofs the norm. It also introduces design controls to encourage walking and cycling. Car parking spaces will be provided and public transport will be managed to meet residential and commercial needs.

“In a rapidly evolving area like Southbank it is critical that we plan to protect the quality and street life of the area by providing more services and more public spaces while being sympathetic to the neighbourhood,” Guy said.

Ludlow Bar & Dining Room

Southbank Restaurants – Ludlow Bar & Dining Room

Amendment C171 will ensure new developments are designed in a way that they enhance Southbank’s streets and public spaces. It will also extend the Capital City and Mixed Use Zones through the area, helping Southbank become a safer, more active and more attractive central city neighbourhood.