The Auburn Council decision comes two days after the government announced it was pursuing both the current and previous mayors of Sydney’s Hurstville Council over possible misconduct.

The investigation centres around the council’s former mayor and property developer Con Hindi’s decision to stand down his general manager Victor Lampe last year.

According to a report tabled in state parliament on Wednesday, Mr Lampe had recommended Mr Hindi be fined and possibly prosecuted over a property he owned at Mortdale where asbestos was found.

The report found the council acted inappropriately when suspending Mr Lampe and recommended he immediately return to work.

It said current mayor Vince Badalati would also be investigated for possible misconduct after it was found that he and councillor Hindi may have misused legal advice to suspend Mr Lampe.

Mr Toole said he had zero tolerance for the councillors’ actions.

“The community deserves the highest standard of conduct by councillors as their elected representatives,” he said.

“Where serious concerns warrant investigation, we will fully investigate them.”

The state’s corruption watchdog this week also announced it would launch an investigation into City of Botany Bay Council over allegations council staff defrauded more than $4.2 million and misused power for personal gain.

The ICAC is probing allegations that the council’s former chief financial officer Gary Goodman and other council employees falsified invoices to themselves, totalling into the millions of dollars.

It’s alleged Mr Goodman also took bribes and inducements in awarding contracts while he was employed at the council.

  • Local government being manipulated by vested interests is a highly established syndrome. The standard model used is where land is accrued at low costs by an individual or group. Someone in the group can either be elected to council or existing alderman are coerced to move to re-zone land to allow for future development. If it was originally zoned as appropriate for building purposes then it can be given a new much higher density allowance. This has the gratifying effect of making a select group of people very wealthy for doing nothing. Country and regional councils are just as corrupt as their city brethren. They just don't attract as much attention as Salim Mehajer. If Baird had any sense he wouldn't just amalgamate a few councils in NSW. He would shut the shop on all of them. If you have spent any time dealing with your local council you would quickly realise they are spawning grounds for life long bureaucrats, want to be politicians and a host of very shady operators.

  • It is not only Councillors, Council staff need investigation too. At one Council I know, Staff have priced a level 3m wide asphalt path, 470m long to be built on top of an existing asphalt path, at $390,000. And lighting will be another $220,000.