A former body corporate boss accused of running a brothel at a Surfers Paradise high rise claims he's been defamed by the five men who ousted him and is suing them for more than $500,000.

Peter Nissen, 71, says in court documents the five men have labelled him as repulsive and perverted, and they have responded with claims he was seen “growling like a dog showing his teeth” and blowing kisses while holding his penis.

Mr Nissen says he was defamed in material distributed to unit owners before a body corporate election.

The material, he says, accused him of stealing from the body corporate, renting units to drug dealers and prostitutes, and bullying and intimidating other unit owners.

He is also accused of promoting the building, Paradise Towers, as a brothel in the documents.

“He is renting out his units to male and female prostitutes to double the normal rent, Paradise Towers is a shambles right now. It has the lowest value and reputation in Surfers Paradise and is being targeted by drug dealers and prostitutes daily,” the documents state.

In the documents lodged in Southport District Court, Mr Nissen also claims he has been falsely painted as a liar, dishonest, corrupt, unethical and perverted.

He is suing the former chair of the body corporate, Stephen Ridley; unit owners and recent committee members Steven McMaster and Clive Foster; and Mr Foster’s son David Foster.

Current body corporate chair Tony Kirby has also been added to the claim.

In their defence the men have filed a number of written statements by unit owners and a former caretaker who claims at least nine units owned by Mr Nissen were rented to “Asian sex workers”.

Mr Ridley and Mr Kirby claim to have been bombarded with hundreds of vexatious emails from Mr Nissen.

Defence documents also claim Mr Nissen was a multi-millionaire who “unlawfully” used body corporate funds to “maintain, renovate his own personal units, apartments”.

Mr Nissen, who does not live at Paradise Towers where he owns 38 apartments, claims to have suffered mental anguish, distress and embarrassment.

He wants compensation for damage to his reputation and financial loss.

The protracted legal battle is due to be mentioned in court on March 15.