The Rudd government didn't want home insulators to undergo the same training used in Victoria as it would have slowed the stimulus, an industry figure says.

Andrew Arblaster, manager of insulation company Enviroflex, has told a royal commission the Labor government was reluctant to base its pink batts scheme on the Victorian Energy Efficient Target (VEET).

It required installers to complete a TAFE training program.

Mr Arblaster says he told federal environment department official Greg Lemmon that the program should include a similar training, but the government didn’t seem keen.

“The commonwealth government appeared reluctant to follow the structure,” his statement to the royal commission read.

“That structure would not allow the government to roll out the Home Insulation Program to all areas of Australia as quickly as it wanted.”

The nation-wide program was flooded by low-skilled workers who only required a general safety induction before entering ceilings.

Four installers died while working under the scheme that’s also been blamed for more than 100 house fires.