Glen Elmes, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs, has confirmend that the Queensland government is supporting Logan City's Two-Year Action Plan by launching the City of Choice Oversight Committee.

“The Government’s response to the Action Plan identifies areas where the State can contribute to the broader task of re-building community capacity within Logan City,” Elmes said.

Logan City Council and the Newman Government developed the Action Plan to identify a variety of issues to improve the amenities of Logan City. Stakeholders claimed that all levels of government and the community must work together to achieve a real change  and to secure a better and more prosperous future for those living there.

The plan identified priorities and opportunities across education, housing, employment, safety and social infrastructure issues aiming to guide community, business and government decision making.

Key industries in the city’s economy include manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, health care and social assistance, construction, transport, postal and warehousing. Logan City has a young workforce and its business base generates an estimated 72,000 plus jobs.

In addition, Logan City generates $8.7 billion in Gross Regional Product per year and is home to an estimated 21,000 businesses.

Logan City Aerial

Logan City aerial view

The area’s diverse economy has the potential to grow and diversify while adding a stronger focus on the digital economy and emerging industries. Because of its central location between the Gold Coast – a major tourist destination – and Brisbane, Logan is ideally placed for continued growth in the southeast Queensland region.

Logan is a growing city and is expected to see its population expand by more than 175,000 people over the next 20 years. Housing is therefore an essential part of the plan and a huge challenge since, at the moment, the city is faced with of homelessness and overcrowding.

Currently, the city is made up of 79 per cent family households with low diversity in terms of housing options, with most of the buildings being single-storey detached homes. Social housing represents eight per cent of all housing and is concentrated in 10 suburbs.

Compared to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, owning or renting a home in Logan is affordable, many households are hampered by lower income levels.

The proposed strategy consists of reducing the density in suburbs by redeveloping social housing stock in areas accessible to employment, facilities and public transport and to provide emergency accommodation and well-located, appropriate and self-sustaining homeless shelters.

Lion Hearted Leaders Session 2013

Daniel Merrett and Matthew Leuenberger joined Logan City Mayor Pam Parker at St Paul’s Primary School in Woodridge as part of the Club’s final Lion Hearted Leaders session for 2013.

Furthermore, the plan supports the development of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre that would be dedicated to community celebration and recognising and raising awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, creating a foundation for building relationships across the community.

Last week, Elmes announced two new multicultural officers will be based in the southeast suburb of Woodridge to support the government-funded Local Area and Multicultural Partnership and Community Action for Multicultural Society programs.

“The Queensland Government will work to introduce a range of initiatives to strengthen the Logan community in the areas of education, employment, housing, safety and social infrastructure. The initiatives will address many of the underlying issues in Logan and help to make the community stronger over the longer term,” he said.

“The Queensland Government looks forward to working with Logan City Council and the Community Oversight Committee which has responsibility for seeing the Action Plan implemented.”