Twenty-five public housing tenants in Queensland have been turfed out for destructive behaviour in the past three months.

Property damage by bad tenants cost the state more than $5 million last year.

Queensland Housing Minister Tim Mander says new strike policies that came into effect in July are having a positive impact.

He says 25 tenants have been evicted on a one-strike policy that applies to violent and serious behaviour.

Unacceptable behaviour notices have been issued to 307 tenants for less destructive behaviour, 23 of whom have received second warnings.  If they receive a third warning within 12 months, they are evicted.

Mr Mander says he’s pleased there have been no third strikes so far.  “It seems the new policy is having the desired deterrent effect and people are curbing their behaviour,” he told parliament on Thursday.

“Public housing is a privilege that comes with certain responsibilities.”