Construction industry leaders are planning for decades of industry success as industry and government leaders meet to chart a long term blueprint for the sector’s future.

In a statement released earlier this week, Queensland Minister for Housing and Public Works Tim Mander unveiled a two-part forum which will build on reforms introduced last year and chart an industry led plan to unleash the sector’s full potential over the coming decades.

Set to be known as ConstructionQ, the first part of the forum will see around 70 government and industry representatives meet next week under a ‘leaders forum.’

This will be followed by a larger forum involving several hundred delegates in  September.

The announcement of the forum follows an overhaul of building industry regulation announced last year which saw the replacement of the Queensland Building Services Authority with a new Queensland Building and Construction Commission as part of a 10-point plan to improve regulation within the industry.

Mander said the reforms are about building on those plans and having the government listen to industry about what further impediments could be removed.

He stressed the importance of industry driven reform with the government facilitating the process.

“To get the best possible plan we need to hear from those in the industry about where they would like to see the industry go and how we should approach future challenges and opportunities,” he said. “Although we’re hosting ConstructionQ, the Government will work with the sector to help deliver the initiative as we want stakeholders in the construction industry to take the lead.”

Master Builders deputy executive director Paul Bidwel welcomed the initiative, saying the industry needed to boost innovation in the housing sector while greater productivity and investment was needed in capital projects.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to work alongside government and map out measures that will support the growth of thousands of building businesses across the state,” Bidwell said. “We will be looking to use the forum to address a number of issues that impact both the housing and commercial sectors.”