Owners of homes and commercial buildings in NSW will now find it easier to install large scale solar systems, with the state government cutting some of the red tape involved.

Amendments to NSW environmental laws will allow larger solar systems to be installed without council approval, enable utility providers to construct electricity storage as part of improvement works, and allow for large-scale battery storage systems to be built in permitted zones.

Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes said the government was committed to providing an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy network.

“These changes ensure planning requirements are aligned with advances in technology, and enable emerging energy projects to progress through the planning system more efficiently,” he said.

Energy Minister Matt Kean said the changes will help support new projects funded through the NSW government’s $75 million Emerging Energy Program.

“NSW residents are embracing renewable energy with about 490,000 homes and small businesses saving money on their energy bills by installing small-scale solar, and these amendments will support this trend to continue,” Mr Kean said.

He said the changes will help innovative electricity projects like big batteries and higher capacity solar and wind systems to come online sooner.