Abundance Mindset sits within everyone. Spring is here, watch it grow.

Over the past months it’s been easy for many of us to forget the massive amount of Abundance we have in our lives. It doesn’t have to be hordes of dollars. But Abundance of caring Friends, Family, great Gardens, Home, Parks, Books, Food and more.

Now is the time to Revive our Abundant Mindset. Put the past months to one side and celebrate Spring and a new Abundant path ahead. Put on 3D glasses, to help find what has been hidden and now can be revealed.

As a Creative these talents and skills need to be part of the revival of our towns, cities, environment and more. Melbourne City Council is committed to Illuminating Laneways in the CBD. While in Sydney the Performing Arts Community is being engaged to help bring back life to their city. An important lifeline to the Creative, Arts World.

I am in awe when watching Monty Don, a gardener cum philosopher, TV host. Whose programs take us on journeys to Gardens of Abundance globally. He’s nailed Abundance. After massive Depression and Financial challenges years ago. By candidly saying his garden was His saviour. Is your Creative, Designer talent your Saviour?

No different to our re-emergence back into a new form of normal in the next months.  Headed by an Abundance Mindset at the Core for reviving the world and showing possibilities.

 Here’s some suggestions to engage with Your Abundance Mindset: –

  1. Gratitude. Write a list daily of the Abundance in your world. Alll that is needed is the simple things in life. For example, daily dog walking, great coffee, good friends, tasty food you have mastered and so on.
  2. Curiosity. Don’t stay stuck with what’s not happening. Find simple ways to transform challenges. Which parts of your life do you want to explore? Towns in your state now travel is opening up. Books you want to borrow from your local library, book shop. Just let go and don’t let your curiosity stop until you feel drunk on exceptional knowledge.
  3. Boldness. Now is the time for the Hero to re-enter the world. Tough stuff endured; spring buds are breaking out. Let those buds start flowering within and go after potential clients, you may have ignored in the past. We all will need a “spring in our step” and innovative abundant ideas for the months and years ahead. Spring has Sprung.

Our Gratitude Mindset is our Guide. And we all have this part Within. Start brushing it off and stand tall as Abundance Energy permeates your world.

How are you going to embody your Abundance Mindset?

Go Well.


By Sally Arnold

Sally is an award winning author of “Creating Encores”, speaker and business – woman who specialises in coaching people stuck in their careers. Sally inspires people to move from “Stuckness” into Standout careers and personal life. Sally is from an Architectural family in NZ and began her professional life as a Flautist. Moving through to Homewares buyer, reviving a tired department store then to Head of Business Development for The Australian Ballet. She is also a trained Psychotherapist. With her many career paths Sally has a deep desire and passion to help people create and be the best they can in both their personal and professional life.

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