Oprah Winfrey recently spoke at a conference on Women's Empowerment. And the journalist reporting, said she never heard the word " Glass Ceiling". Instead Oprah's words were: -

  • Rock the Boat
  • Scrap the Rules
  • Reinvent the Game

This is “Music to my Ears”.   We All need to have the guts and courage to not stay Stuck and Powerless. Instead “Rock the Boat”.  Make change and create Leadership from the “Heart not Head”.

One of my new coaching clients is a very successful Project Manager, with an Architectural degree. She is a single Mum, children 4 and 6. An inspiration. As she comes from a family of 10 children, her mother died at 38. Her Aunt in Somali adopted her. They immigrated to Melbourne over 20 years ago. (her Aunt had 10 children too, some, went to Canada, NZ etc)

My client has the potential and will “Rock the Boat” in her Community and Career Path. At 38, yes, a significant age, she wants to begin her own business and leave a very well-paid job. I will support and help her get there.  I believe she will become a Global Leader for All.  She rarely wears a Hi jab, a challenge within her community. Plus, her Aunt went back to Somali a few years ago, so she is very Solo in Melbourne.

So why is this generation of Women seeking different ways to Reinvent themselves especially Mothers? I believe that the time is right for insightful Women to gain a powerful hold in areas that have lacked strong female prescience. Such as Politics, Professions, Entrepreneurs and Boards nationally and globally. And to be supported by women my age, Baby Boomers. Our path was one of making sure that we stood out to stop being herded into career paths that did not inspire.  Basic support roles. So, we are a great resource to take on these suggestions: –

Start by: –

  1. Rocking the Boat. What are the areas, of your career that have stayed stuck? What can you do to change this?
  2. Scrap the Rules. Have you been putting up with antiquated rules and conditions in your organisation? (My Dad was a leading NZ Architect and believe that he should have been challenged in his practice. He was a control freak)
  3. Reinvent the Game. What have you been afraid of, or challenged to suggest creating new life in your organisation or practice? And Why have you not had a Go at Reinventing the game. Do it, you have nothing to lose.

 Just look around the globe.  In this time there are more and more women in power who are making a mark for themselves. Jacinda Ardern in NZ, Julie Bishop moving into her role of Chancellor of Australian National University. The game is indeed being reinvented, stride by stride and word by word by women. Are you going to be part of this explosive growth within the world of Architecture? Who are the creative Female Leaders in your world? Are you one?