South Australia is suffering from a "massive" infrastructure funding bias on the part of the federal coalition government, opposition frontbencher Anthony Albanese says.

Mr Albanese says South Australia will receive $921 million this year from the Commonwealth for infrastructure projects.

But he says in four year’s time that will slump to just $95 million, or a cut of around 90 per cent.

“What we’re seeing is a general drop-off in infrastructure investment, Labor’s infrastructure spokesman told reporters in Adelaide on Wednesday.

“What there is though on top of that is a particular bias against South Australia.

“In 2020/21, South Australia will get two per cent of the national infrastructure budget and, quite clearly, that’s not good enough.

Mr Albanese said Labor had already committed to help fund a proposed major expansion of Adelaide’s tram network and backed continued work on the city’s north-south road corridor, which had been fully funded by the previous federal Labor government.

He said the coalition put funding for some of the road corridor on hold for two years.

“So it’s very clear that we have is a massive bias,” he said.

“We have something like 45 per cent of this year’s federal infrastructure budget going to NSW.

“We have South Australia missing out on those funds.”