A new independent safety body for Queensland resource workers would be established under a bill introduced to state parliament. 

Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Anthony Lynham introduced the Resources Health and Safety Bill to parliament on Wednesday following six Queensland mining and quarrying deaths in the past year.

The bill would create Resources Safety and Health Queensland, an independent body overseeing resource industry workers.

The organisation would have separate bodies looking at coal mines, mineral mines and quarries, explosives and petroleum and gas.

The bill would also allow prosecutors to pursue serious health and safety acts or omissions following the proposed amendments to safety legislation.

A serious offence would be where a person responsible for safety and health breaches safety obligations causing death, grievous bodily harm, bodily harm or exposure to a substance which is likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm.

These offences would relate to mining and quarrying, explosives and petroleum and gas sectors.

Source: AAP